Horror & Dark Fantasy





Book Reviews: August 2018

This month, Terence Taylor has some new horror fiction you should know: rock’n’roll-themed scares from Lee Thomas (Distortion) and Grady Hendrix (We Sold Our Souls).


Book Reviews: May 2018

This year Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein celebrates its 200th birthday. To celebrate, Terence Taylor looks at a brand-new edition of the novel (illustrated by David Plunkert), as well as Victor LaValle’s new take on the tale: the graphic novel Victor LaValle’s Destroyer.


Book Reviews: March 2018

Adam-Troy Castro reviews new short story collections from masters of horror David J. Schow and Jack Ketchum.


Book Reviews: February 2018

This month, Terence Taylor goes looking for fresh stand-alone fiction and finds He Digs a Hole, by Danger Slater, and Frankenstein in Baghdad, by Ahmed Saadawi.


Movie Review: Mother!

This month, Adam-Troy Castro reviews the enormously polarizing film, Mother!.


Book Review: November 2017

This month, Terence Taylor reviews two novels that explore the meaning of family: Ruthanna Emrys’ Winter Tide and Steven Barnes’ Twelve Days.


Book Review: September 2017

This month, Adam-Troy Castro reviews Paperbacks from Hell: The Twisted History of ’70s and ’80s Horror Fiction, a new work of nonfiction by Grady Hendrix.


Book Reviews: August 2017

This month, Terence Taylor reads both Charlie Stross’ new novel,The Delirium Brief , and the new anthology Sycorax’s Daughters.


Book Review: June 2017

Every once in a while in this life, and more so since the advent of social media, we find ourselves asked to name our favorites: our favorite color, our favorite food, our favorite book, our favorite movie. The answers we produce are almost always fictions, or rote repetitions, because our likes are malleable. But your friendly columnist does have a permanent answer for favorite horror story, an outing by a writer who earns several places on his life list of favorite stories, period: β€œThe Renegade,” by Shirley Jackson.


Book Reviews: May 2017

Terence Taylor brings Nightmare the first installment of his new review column: “Read This!” This month, he reviews Powers of Darkness: The Lost Version of Dracula, an unusual Icelandic translation of Bram Stoker’s classic, and Paul La Farge’s The Night Ocean.