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Traci Castleberry

Traci Castleberry lives in the Arizona desert. By night, she works the graveyard shift at a hotel and enjoys catching creepy-crawlies like snakes, scorpions, tarantulas and Gila monsters. By day, she’s the willing servant of two cats and a Lipizzan mare who has a habit of arranging the universe. She’s attended Clarion, Taos Toolbox and the Lambda Literary Retreat for Emerging LGBT Writers and has been a judge for the Lambda Literary Awards. Her publications include stories in Daughters of Frankenstein, Suffered from the Night and Lace and Blade 2 as herself while her alter ego, Evey Brett, has written books including Capriole, Levade and Passage and has numerous short stories with Cleis Press, Lethe Press, Pathfinder Web Fiction and elsewhere. She can be found online at