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Artist Showcase: Kerem Beyit

Kerem Beyit is a Turkish illustrator, whose work has been featured by Wizards of the Coast, Disney, Paizo Publishing, Blizzard Entertainment, Lucasarts, Simone & Schuster, and many others. Drawing has been a passion of his ever since he could remember. In his homeland, art is not perceived to be a way to earn a living, therefore it took a while for him to adopt his passion professionally, but since 2004 he has been working in a very disciplined fashion. Book covers, character design and fantasy-themed illustrations in general make up the bulk of his works. Learn more at kerembeyit.daportfolio.com.

[Editor’s Note: Typically we would publish an interview with the artist here, but Kerem was not available to answer our questions, so herewith we present solely his art gallery instead. Enjoy!]

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Marina J. Lostetter

Marina Lostetter

Marina J. Lostetter’s short fiction has appeared in venues such as InterGalactic Medicine Show, Galaxy’s Edge, and Writers of the Future. Her most recent publications include a tie-in novelette for the Star Citizen game universe, which was serialized over the first four months of 2014. Originally from Oregon, Marina now lives in Arkansas with her husband, Alex. She tweets as @MarinaLostetter. Please visit her homepage at lostetter.net.