Horror & Dark Fantasy



March 2015 (Issue 30)

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We have original fiction from Chesya Burke (“Please, Momma”) and Caspian Gray (“An Army of Angels”), along with reprints by Robert Shearman (“Featherweight”) and Lynda E. Rucker (“The Burned House”). For nonfiction, author S. G. Browne talks about the new flavor of zombies in the latest installment of our column on horror, “The H Word.” We’ve also got author spotlights on this month’s authors, a showcase on our cover artist, and a feature interview with up-and-coming author Helen Marshall--conducted by acclaimed author Kelly Link!
Our issue this month is sponsored by our friends at Nightscape Press. Check out the excerpt of THE PATCHWORK HOUSE in our ebook edition this month, and visit nightscapepress.com to learn more.

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