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Editorial: December 2019

Welcome to issue eighty-seven of Nightmare!

It’s turning into winter now, so we’re really excited about “Methods of Ascension,” a new short story from Dan Stintzi that will take you out in the snow and make you wish you were just freezing to death. In our second original short,“Dead Worms, Dangling,” Joanna Parypinski takes us someplace a bit warmer: the local fishing hole. But don’t expect your ordinary fishing story—this is Nightmare Magazine, after all. Our reprints this month are from Siobhan Carroll (“Nesters”) and Kurt Fawver (“The Myth of You”).

In the latest installment of our column on horror, “The H Word,” author Stephen Graham Jones talks about how endings work in this genre. Terence Taylor has reviewed some new fiction for us, and of course, we have author spotlights with our authors.

Exciting news from the World Fantasy Awards

We’re delighted to announce that three stories from our Lightspeed/Nightmare publishing family were nominated for the World Fantasy Award for Best Short Fiction: “The Ten Things She Said While Dying: An Annotation,” Adam-Troy Castro (Nightmare, December 2018—bit.ly/NM10Things); “The Court Magician,” Sarah Pinsker (Lightspeed, January 2018—bit.ly/LSCourtMag); and “Ten Deals with the Indigo Snake,” Mel Kassel (Lightspeed, October 2018—bit.ly/LS10Deals). We’re even more delighted that Mel Kessel’s story won, sharing the award in a rare tie. It’s such exciting news, and I know I couldn’t be happier for Mel.

John Joseph Adams


John Joseph Adams, in addition to serving as publisher of Nightmare, is the series editor of Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy, as well as the bestselling editor of many other anthologies, including The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination, Robot Uprisings, Dead Man’s Hand, Armored, Brave New Worlds, Wastelands, and The Living Dead. Recent projects include: A People’s Future of the United States, Wastelands: The New Apocalypse, and The Dystopia Triptych: Ignorance is Strength, Burn the Ashes, and Or Else the Light. Called “the reigning king of the anthology world” by Barnes & Noble, John is a two-time winner of the Hugo Award (for which he has been a finalist eleven times) and is a seven-time World Fantasy Award finalist. John is also the editor and publisher of Lightspeed Magazine and is a producer for Wired.com’s The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. Find him on Twitter @johnjosephadams.