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Artist Showcase

Artist Showcase: Reiko Murakami

I’m interested in capturing a character’s internal struggle. Over the course of the years I found it feels more appropriate to let my characters free from regular human bodies. I don’t necessarily try to make their bodies look scary. The design is a result of my attempt to capture their emotions.

Artist Showcase: Galen Dara

Artist Greg Ruth wrote a wonderful essay, published at Tor.com in May, about the value horror stories have for us as humans. There are many necessary things that “grim, gory, and scary” teach us, prepare us for. I find enormous worth in good storytelling, especially of the darker variety. I hope my illustrations do justice to the genre.

Artist Showcase: Leslie Ann O’Dell

Leslie Ann O’Dell is a self-taught artist based in Colorado. Using photography and digital manipulation, she plays on themes of light and dark, nature, psyche, and self to create richly enigmatic and haunting portraits. Find her work at leslieannodell.com.

Artist Showcase: Márcio Martins

Márcio Martins is a photographer and digital illustrator living on the south coast of Portugal. His work has been featured at juxtapoz.com and streetanatomy.com. Find him on Behance: www.behance.net/MarcioM.

Artist Showcase: Federico Bebber

Federico Bebber, born in 1974 in Udine, Italy, and now based in Venice, has been practicing art since 1998, creating surreal and sensual digital portraits through photo manipulation. His work showed at a Curioos exhibit at SoHo Arthouse in New York City, January 2014, with signed prints available through Curioos.

Artist Showcase: Dave Palumbo

Dave Palumbo is a freelance illustrator and oil painter based in Philadelphia. Widely published, he has done editorial, concept, and promotional illustrations for publications ranging from SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN and THE NEW YORKER to Lucasfilm, Heavy Metal, and Marvel. Palumbo’s work has been shown in galleries from New York to Paris and has earned him a Chesley award and three Spectrum medals

Artist Showcase: Jel Ena

Find a way to do what you love, never give up and be insanely persistent about it to make it happen. I am living my dream: I make art, I live from it, I support my family by doing what I love the most to do, and I hope for it to continue ‘til the day I die . . . and after.

Artist Showcase: Mike Worrall

Mike Worrall is a UK-born, self-taught fine artist. Now based in Australia, his massive oil paintings depicting dreamlike surreality hang in private collections and gallery shows worldwide. His work is exhibited in one-man shows biannually, the latest of which was at the Richard Martin Gallery in Woollahra, New South Wales, from November 23rd to December 11th. Find him online at www.mikeworrall.com.

Artist Showcase: Lukasz Jaszak

Łukasz Jaszak is a thirty-six-year-old self-taught photographer and graphic designer living and working in Krakow, Poland. He made his start in this dark discipline when approached to do album art for a friend’s metal band, eventually doing work for acts like Blood Red Throne, Decapitated, The Vision Bleak, Vomitory, and Behemoth. A visual perfectionist who enjoys making something from nothing, Jaszak cuts no corners: for his photoshoots, every item is carefully selected or created, right down to building his own sets and performing taxidermy for animal props. This stringency aside, Jaszak does not force himself to produce, but waits for his twisted muse to come to him. His work can be found at www.jaszak.net.

Artist Showcase: Chris B. Murray

Chris B. Murray had a hunger for art from his earliest years, growing up in a small town in upstate New York. Having ambitiously exhausted his autodidactic options, he then majored in illustration at Rochester Institute of Technology. He now practices in Philadelphia, where he lives with his girlfriend, Emily, and their dog, Chunk. His work has been awarded or recognized by the likes of The Society of Illustrators, Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, and Illustration Age, among many others. He has done editorial and promotional illustration for many high-profile publications such as The New Yorker, Boys’ Life, and XXL. Recently, his Adirondacks-exploration series “ADKS” showed at Chicago’s Rotofugi Gallery. His work can be found at chrisbmurray.com and facebook.com/CBMArtworks.