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The following people are all essential cogs in the machine that makes Nightmare possible.

John Joseph Adams, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

John Joseph AdamsJohn Joseph Adams, in addition to serving as publisher and editor-in-chief of Nightmare, is the series editor of Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. He is also the bestselling editor of many other anthologies, such as The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination, Armored, Brave New Worlds, Wastelands, and The Living Dead. Recent and forthcoming projects include: Help Fund My Robot Army!!! & Other Improbable Crowdfunding Projects, Robot Uprisings, Dead Man’s Hand, Operation Arcana, Wastelands 2, Press Start to Play, and The Apocalypse Triptych: The End is Nigh, The End is Now, and The End Has Come. Called “the reigning king of the anthology world” by Barnes & Noble, John is a winner of the Hugo Award (for which he has been nominated eight times) and is a six-time World Fantasy Award finalist. John is also the editor and publisher of Lightspeed Magazine and is a producer for Wired.com’s The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. Find him on Twitter @johnjosephadams.

Wendy N. Wagner, Managing/Associate Editor

Wendy WagnerWendy N. Wagner is the author of Skinwalkers, a Pathfinder Tales novel inspired by Viking lore. She’s published more than thirty short stories in anthologies like Cthulhu Fhtagn!, Armored, and The Way of the Wizard, and magazines like Beneath Ceaseless Skies and Farrago’s Wainscot. She serves as the managing/associate editor of Lightspeed and Nightmare magazines. She is also the non-fiction editor of Women Destroy Science Fiction!, which was named one of NPR’s Best Books of 2014, and the guest editor of Queers Destroy Horror! She lives in Oregon with her very understanding family.

Christie Yant, Associate Publisher

Christie YantChristie Yant is a science fiction and fantasy writer, Associate Publisher for Lightspeed and Nightmare, and guest editor of Lightspeed’s Women Destroy Science Fiction special issue. Her fiction has appeared in anthologies and magazines including Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2011 (Horton), Armored, Analog Science Fiction & Fact, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, io9, Wired.com, and China’s Science Fiction World. Her work has received honorable mentions in Year’s Best Science Fiction (Dozois) and Best Horror of the Year (Datlow), and has been long-listed for StorySouth’s Million Writers Award. She lives on the central coast of California with two writers, an editor, and assorted four-legged nuisances. Follow her on Twitter @christieyant.

John Langan, Reprint Editor

John LanganJohn Langan’s latest collection of stories, Technicolor and Other Revelations, is forthcoming from Hippocampus Press. He is the author of a novel, House of Windows (Night Shade 2009), and a collection, Mr. Gaunt and Other Uneasy Encounters (Prime 2008). His short fiction has appeared in several of John Joseph Adams’s anthologies, including Wastelands, The Living Dead, and By Blood We Live. He’s also published stories in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and in other anthologies including Ellen Datlow’s Poe, Supernatural Noir, and Blood and Other Cravings, and Jack Dann and Nick Gevers’ Ghosts by Gaslight. With Paul Tremblay, he co-edited the anthology, Creatures: Thirty Years of Monsters (Prime 2011). He teaches courses in creative writing and gothic fiction at SUNY New Paltz, and lives in upstate New York with his family.

Stefan Rudnicki, Podcast Producer

Stefan RudnickiStefan Rudnicki is an independent director, producer, narrator, and publisher of audiobooks. For his work, he has received more than a dozen Audie Awards from the Audio Publishers Association, a Ray Bradbury Award, a Bram Stoker Award, and a GRAMMY Award for Best Spoken Word Album for Children for The Children’s Shakespeare. Outside of the audiobook industry, he’s probably best known for the dozen books he’s written or edited, from actor’s resource anthologies to a best-selling adaptation of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. He is president of Skyboat Road Company, Inc., the most respected independent audio production team on the West Coast. He lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Jack Kincaid, Podcast Host

Jack KincaidJack Kincaid is best known as the creator and producer of the cyberpunk audio drama series, Edict Zero – FIS.  He is a speculative fiction writer with a handful of short stories published and many novels waiting in the wings. One novel, Hoad’s Grim, he released as a podcast in 2008-2009. He is also a diverse voice actor whose work can be heard in audio dramas on the web and in podcasts such as The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy, among other places. His background includes theatre, A/V production, music, games, sound design, and early machinima.  Find him on Twitter at @jackkincaid9.

Jim Freund, Podcast Editor

Jim-FreundJim Freund has been involved in producing radio programs of and about literary sf/f since 1967, when he began working at New York City’s WBAI-FM at age 13. Jim has been sole host of the radio program, Hour of the Wolf, since 1974. Over the years, he has produced many radio dramas and lost track long ago of how many interviews and readings he has conducted. His work has been twice nominated for and was once a winner of the Major Armstrong Award for Excellence in Radio Production. Jim is currently Producer and Executive Curator of The New York Review of Science Fiction Readings in NYC. He has also dabbled (occasionally with great success) in producing for the New York stage. He occasionally maintains his website at http://hourwolf.com and sporadically tweets as @JimFreund. A podcast of Hour of the Wolf is rumored to be forthcoming.

Erika Holt, Assistant Editor

Erika HoltErika Holt lives in Calgary, Alberta, where she writes and edits speculative fiction. Her stories appear in Shelter of Daylight Issue 6, Evolve Two: Vampire Stories of the Future Undead, and Tesseracts Fifteen: A Case of Quite Curious Tales. She is also co-editor of two anthologies from EDGE and Absolute XPress: Rigor Amortis and Broken Time Blues: Fantastic Tales in the Roaring ’20s.

E. C. Myers, Assistant Editor

E.C. MyersE. C. Myers was assembled in the U.S. from Korean and German parts. He is a graduate of the 2005 Clarion West Writers Workshop and a member of the writing group Altered Fluid. His short fiction has appeared in various publications, including Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Sybil’s Garage, and Shimmer, and his first novel, Fair Coin, is available now from Pyr. He also blogs regularly about Star Trek: The Next Generation at theviewscreen.com and at his website, ecmyers.net. When he isn’t working, writing, or editing, he plays video games, watches films and TV, sleeps as little as possible, and spends too much time on the internet. Follow him on Twitter @ecmyers.

Lisa Nohealani Morton, Editorial Assistant

Lisa Nohealani MortonBorn and raised in Honolulu, Lisa Nohealani Morton lives in Washington, DC. By day she is a mild-mannered database wrangler, computer programmer, and all-around data geek, and by night she writes science fiction, fantasy, and combinations of the two. Her short fiction has appeared in publications such as Lightspeed, Daily Science Fiction, and the anthology Hellebore and Rue. She can be found on Twitter as @lnmorton.

C. Liddle, Copy Editor

C. LiddleC. Liddle is an apprentice funeral director in Central Ohio, where he lives with a tall man and a small dachshund.

Rachael K. Jones, Proofreader

Rachael K JonesRachael K. Jones grew up in various cities across Europe and North America, picked up six languages and an English degree, and now writes science fiction and fantasy from her secret hideout in Athens, GA, where she lives with her husband. Her work has appeared in a variety of venues, including Crossed Genres, Daily Science Fiction, and PodCastle. She is an Active member of the SFWA, an editor, and a secret android. Occasionally she blogs at rckjones.wordpress.com. You can follow her on Twitter @RachaelKJones.

Cory Skerry, Art Director

Cory SkerryCory Skerry lives in the Northwest U.S. with his partner and a menagerie that includes a bonafide dragon. He spends his time peddling (or meddling with) art supplies and writing about impossible things. When he dies, he would like science to put his brain into a giant octopus body, with which he promises to be very responsible and not even slightly shipwrecky. More of his nonsense can be found at plunderpuss.net.

Clockpunk Studios, Webmaster

Jeremiah TolbertJeremiah Tolbert has published fiction in Lightspeed, Fantasy Magazine, Interzone, Ideomancer, and Shimmer, as well as in the anthologies The Way of the Wizard, Seeds of Change, Federations, and Polyphony 4. He’s also been featured several times on the Escape Pod and Podcastle podcasts. In addition to being a writer, he is a web designer, photographer, and graphic artist. He lives in Kansas, with his wife and cats.